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Smart Ones Coupons – Smart Ones is a brand of foods available through Weight Watchers. Whether it is breakfast, lunch, dinner, or a snack, you are sure to find a Smart One to satisfy you hunger. Some of the available choices include: Chocolate Chocolate Chip Muffin, English Muffin Sandwich, Beef Pot Roast, Chicken Marsala with Broccoli, Turkey Medallions with Mushroom Gravy, Four Cheese Pizza, Deluxe Pizza, Teriyaki Chicken and Vegetable Bowl, Garden Veggies and Mozzarella Smartwich, Three Cheese and Italian-Style Meatballs Smartwich, Brownie A La Mode, Peanut Butter Pie, Key Lime Pie, French Style Cheesecake and Double Fudge Cake. Find available smart ones coupons and offers.

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Best Foods for Breakfast: Breakfast for dinner? Sounds more like a cheesy diner theme than a meal plan. But you can bring healthy breakfast items into other meals in fun and unexpected ways. Here are 10 great ways to incorporate the best breakfast foods in meals throughout the day:

1. Whole-Wheat English Muffins: Although you may choose to keep them simple at breakfast time, adding some margarine or jam can spice it up for dinner!

2. Berries: According to WebMD, berries, especially blueberries and cranberries, are nutritional “super foods.” You can put them on cereal in the morning, salad at lunch, chicken at dinner and even graze on them during the day!

3. Smoothies: All-natural fruit smoothies are a great breakfast option because you can make them the night before and grab them on your way out. Why not throw the next batch in the freezer? Smoothies also make a great ice cream substitute for an after-dinner treat. You can even put some in popsicle molds to make it more fun.

4. Cereal: Cereal is perfect for snack time because it’s easy to control the portion size without losing the taste. One bowl of whole-grain cereal is better for you than a bag of potato chips and is just as satisfying.

5. Eggs Whites: Eggs whites are a great source of protein, which our bodies need to maintain energy throughout the day. Try cooking your eggs in different ways for different meals; you can hard boil them as snacks, make egg salad for lunch or to top off your salad at dinner time.

6. Yogurt: As Devin Alexander pointed out in last month’s tips, you can never have enough low-fat yogurt! Dress it up with fun toppings like chocolate syrup and fruit and turn it into a delicious dessert.

7. Low-Fat Cheese: Low-fat cheese is a quick and easy snack that makes for a satisfying pick-me-up any time during the day. Add in some fruit and enjoy a healthy treat!

8. Turkey Bacon: To put it simply, bacon tastes good on almost anything from salads to sandwiches, pastas to steaks. Try using turkey bacon instead and you’ll avoid the cholesterol while still getting the protein you need. Get creative and enjoy!

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9. Bagels: When you make your lunch, why not try a bagel sandwich? Use fat-free cream cheese instead of mayonnaise and add some turkey and cucumbers and you have a healthy and filling meal.

10. Oatmeal: If you’ve eaten a healthy breakfast, why not treat yourself a bit? Make a batch of oatmeal cookies and have a decadent dessert. You deserve it!